Canada's Economy At a Glance [Infographic]

We live in a globalized world with an increasingly complex economic system. Hence, it has become more and more important for people to know what is going on around them. However, finding and processing the relevant information to do just that has become more difficult as well, due to the increased complexity and information overload. In an attempt to tackle this issue, we have been working on a series of infographics that illustrate the most important facts and figures about the economies of various countries all over the world

The next infographic shows Canada's economy at a glance. Canada has a powerful economy with a GDP in the trillion-dollar class. It resembles the US in many aspects, such as its market-orientation, pattern of production, and living standards. In recent years, the manufacturing, mining, and service sectors have grown significantly, which has transformed the country from a mostly rural into a more industrial and urban economy. As a result, it has been able to perform relatively well despite the challenging global economic environment, outperforming most other countries in job creation over the recovery. Take a look:

Canada's Economy At a Glance [Infographic]

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