UK Economy At a Glance [Infographic]

As you may know, we have recently started working on a series of infographics that illustrate the most important facts and figures about the economies of various countries all over the world (see also: US Economy At a Glance). The idea behind this is to provide easy access to relevant information in an increasingly complex global economic system

The second infographic shows the UK economy at a glance. The United Kingdom is the third largest economy in Europe (after Germany and France). It is considered a leading trading power and financial center. Services, in particular banking, insurance, and business services are the key drivers of British GDP. The UK economy has performed relatively well over the last few years, which resulted in record-breaking employment levels. However, exports and investments have not picked up accordingly. Take a look:

UK Economy At a Glance [Infographic]
EDIT: We have updated the numbers and converted dollars to pounds (10-27-2015).

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